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Hacking : Ethical or Unethical?

It was the time in 1990 when Intel-8088 based machines were used for most of the computational assistance on then PC-DOS from IBM and MS-DOS from Microsoft. In those days, hacking term especially used to ascertain in-depth knowledge of Operating System (OS) like MS-DOS. I still remember the use of Norton Utilities to hack in-depth [...]

DRM : Restrictions on Privacy and Freedom?

DRM : Restrictions on Privacy and Freedom? What is DRM? Digital Rights (or Restriction!) Management (DRM) is an access control technology used by hardware, software, operating systems, satellite television, copyright holders etc. to restrict digital content. The general use of DRM to copy-protect the product by means of serial numbers, CD-keys, key files, on-line verification [...]

Hypervisor: Future of IT Industry

General In traditional virtual computing, only one operating system (OS) is loaded at a time above hardware layer and allow another OS to be loaded as a guest operating system, in general sense of virtual computing. The term Hypervisor refers to Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) in general. Its possible to run multiple parallel operating systems [...]

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