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Howdy, Friend!

Thanks for sparing time to read my blogs. Views and opinions in the posts are strictly personal and nothing to hurt anybody. The intention for this website was to take the advantage of potential of Internet media to its full extent to spread my personal views, opinions, thoughts, articles etc.

About me…

My name is Sunil Thakare. I live in India and belong to Aurangabad (Maharashtra), a world-famous city known for Ellora and Ajanta. After acquiring Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering from Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli (1993), I did post-graduation in Structural Engineering from Govt. College of Engineering, Karad (1995) and LL.B. (2011) from M.P. Law College, Aurangabad.

Presently I am working in Public Works Department, Government of Maharashtra as Engineer. Apart from my profession I’ve special interest in computers. I started with small stuff of computer program in 1990 using FORTRAN-IV on PC-DOS (age old OS from IBM) on 8088 based PC with 5″ boot-able floppy disk. Later I learned many things viz. operating systems (Unix, Linux, OS/2, DOS, MS-Windows, Novell Netware), databases (Ingres/Postgres, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite etc), programming languages (Basic, Fortran, Pascal, C/C++) during my graduation.

But I work only on *nix based systems (Linux/BSD) and used to program in C, Perl, PHP and Ruby. Not to mention that PostgreSQL is my favorite databases, and NGINX as a web server (Occasionally I used to drive nginx as an proxy web server for Apache).

I strictly follow Free Software Foundations‘ philosophy and do advocacy of open-source software to replace proprietary software.

My favorite software stack is FreeBSD / nginx webserver / PostgreSQL / Perl, PHP, and Ruby where I feel like a heaven while programming for Web.

You can download my PHP codes at this link: Planet Source Code

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