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An open letter to Divya Marathi, a Marathi daily news paper (Aurangabad)

Dear Sir / Madam,


The news published in Daily Newspaper ‘Divya Marathi (Aurangabad) on 01.02.2013 on page 3 and reads that “a kid studying in 8th standard along with his father have created a social networking website called“.
My Comments:
Its very strange that Divya Marathi is publishing news without any verification. There are many social networking softwares available freely to download and some paid downloads. Your so-called ‘invented’ website is nothing but a downloaded version of “phpfox“. phpFox is a social network software that gives you the ability to create a unique community that includes many of the features found on sites like Facebook and MySpace.
If you look at the screenshot (attached), you will find that is nothing but a phpfox apps.
Is DivyaMarathi is trying to publish a news blindly without any research or its just a stunt for cheap publicity from the developer’s side.

Developing website is not a “MONKEY BUSINESS”. Its a serious affair  which requires clear understanding of methodology and vast knowledge and experience. Its not a 8th class science experiment that you gave wide publicity.

Now one thing is clear from this stunt that “Newspapers’ being technology illiterate“ .
divya marathi news about dated 01.02.2013

divya marathi news about dated 01.02.2013

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