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Response to the article published in Maharashtra Times titled “ई-बुक्स विरुद्ध पी-बुक्स” dated 20.05.2012

Response to the article published in Maharashtra Times titled “ई-बुक्स विरुद्ध पी-बुक्स” dated 20.05.2012 (Response to link

It’s very unfortunate that the author of the article or editor this supplement call him as computer expert, who don’t know what are the implications and restrictions of e-books on so-called Amazon’s “Kindle” (although the author is not referred directly). I visited the author’s website and found that the author has lots of information collected and complied from the source – Internet by Google-ing. I appreciate his efforts but surprised that he didn’t know what is DRM and its restrictions on e-book readers. He might have came across the term DRM (Digital Restrictions Management) and why Amazon is interested in “e-books”. Although Amazon is not only the company who entered in e-book businesses but there are many. The author of the article might want to hide the facts of DRM or unfortunately he didn’t know much about e-books. Simply scanning the pages and converting it into pdf, djvu or ps etc. is nowadays a school project. This is a simple mechanical process and even school boy can do it very nicely. Also I noticed from his website that he knows much little about open source software and seems that he dedicated his life on proprietary software like Microsoft Technologies. Computer is a technology and not as a toy or gadgets like Smart TV or Mobile or washing machine. Accept the fact that computer is hard and always be. Yes I mean it. The learning curve of windows is very shallow and that of Linux/BSD and similar operating systems is very deep. In my 22 years of experience in computer technology, I came across various technologies start from IBM’s PC-DOS 1.0 or SCO-UNIX to today’s Linux and FreeBSD (I don’t use Windows) and I found that the you have work hard to achieve deep sense of knowledge as far as Unix or Linux is concerned (collectively call as *nix based systems). And the the process of acquiring deep sense of and system is called as hacking. Unfortunately, in India computerization means Microsoft and nothing else. Even govt. organizations like MKCL promoting Windows just like agent of MS. Everyone talks about tips-n-tricks of Windows and threat of viruses. Wakeup and see there’s a beautiful world on other side.


iPad is iBad

Finally the bottom line: There are many companies (of-course non-profit unlike Microsoft) who promote DRM Free culture and agitate Amazon’s Kindle and similar DRM systems. Printed books are always there and will be for ever. Just go through O’Reilly Media publisher’s website (who is the largest book publisher in Science and Technology), you will find there are e-book editions and are DRM free!

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