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Indian newspapers’ being technology illiterate…

Again Indian newspaper and media showed its illiteracy in technology by publishing the news in Bhaskar Groups’ Marathi newspaper. It reads that India’s world famous (LOL!) so called “Ethical Hacker” claimed that its impossible to monitor and filter the content of websites. Its true. But who said it? India’s so called hacker and security adviser.


Mr. AF again topped by media hype.


Claims and Reality

At the age of 14, I started a website called “HackingTruths”, which he claims was judged as the “second best hacking site in the world by the FBI”.

Laugh Out Loud, when did FBI started rating hacking sites? it is because nothing such like this happened. It a world know truth FBI never ranks any website.


The so-called hacker also claims that when he was 14, he trashed the front page of an Indian magazine’s website. He then sent an e-mail to the editor confessing to the hack, suggesting counter measures. let me ask a question has he ever submitted any exploit? did he ever created tools for hacking ?

the answer is N0, a big NO


He is also claims to be involved in decrypting a message from an Al Qaeda operative.

But when there is not a single published work of Mr. hacker involvement about cryptography or cryptanalysis then how the how he can decrypt any message and that too from AL QAEDA and Most intelligence agencies like NSA have expert cryptanalyst with PhD’s and super fast clusters to get their job done. They wont require a 16 year old.


He is also been reported to be working with CIA and FBI

yeah you heard it right CIA and FBI. I think Americans have shortage of hackers in their own country that’s why they are hiring such noobs.


Mr Hacker had claimed that his alert to a U.S. spy agency had prevented an attack by Pakistani hackers. However, he never divulged the name of the agency, citing security reasons

In December 2009 Mr. Hacker’s business site, was hacked by a spammer promoting pharmaceutical products for erectile dysfunction. Fadia again “claimed it had happened because of a fault in the server that hosts his site. “The problem lies in the server and all the sites hosted by it have been infected.” However all web servers give their customers an option to build their own security installing their own (customer’s) software and patches when they opt for private servers. Might be Mr. Hacker did not have any excuse better then this one.


Even as they discussed how they would deface one of India’s leading corporate sites, Mr. Hacker had recorded a copy of the chat transcript and mailed it to a US spy organization that had hired him. The corporate site was then pulled down for two hours and uploaded with anti-cracking software in place.

Apparently the FBI, CIA, and NSA do not have enough ops such as these that they had to go out and hire Mr Hacker.


Mr. Hacker had recorded a copy of the chat transcript and mailed it to a US spy organization that had hired him. The corporate site was then pulled down for two hours and uploaded with anti-cracking software in place.

Mr. Hacker just happened to get wind of what was going on. After he narced on the AIC and WFD, the two groups jointly defaced and dedicated the defacement to him. Please go through the link


His ‘hack and tell’ book titled the Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking has sold 18,000 copies in India and 9,000 copies internationally within its first month. His second book is due to release in May this year.

The users on, a security Web site, ranked his security site second in the world. He was also invited by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation to lecture its agents at a convention in Florida last year, which was called off at the last minute due to the 9/11 attacks.

Mr. Hacker has been proclaimed a fraud, even by the moderators of


Mr. Hacker has lectured professors and students at IIT Kharaghpur and Banaras Hindu University and is due to address a public meeting in Taiwan in August this year.

India’s premium institutes like IITs/BHU have enough gurus for this and I was unable to find any trace of speech transcripts, date, time, and locations.


What was your book all about?

It was a 15-day effort in my summer holidays that was an introduction to everything, which a newbie would be interested in. It dealt with various Internet tools employed by computer hackers and also has a section on dealing with viruses.

At the time of writing his book, Mr. Hacker is fifteen years of age. He started playing computer games when he was twelve. Got into hacking a year later. Published his first website at fourteen. Undoubtedly, this guy has Asperger syndrome or he is playing everyone for a fool.


In fact, Macmillan India agreed to publish the book if their technical team okayed it. It also had to be passed by the lawyers because it was a sensitive topic. As for me, I was quite thrilled because I am the youngest author in their 110-year-old history!

In fact, no one knew that I was working on this book. I wrote it all by myself in 15 days. My mom initially didn’t believe me when I went to her that I had written a book. The toughest part was to keep at it for 15 days. Because I knew I would lose the flow of writing it out if I stopped mid way through.

Mr. Hacker has been accused of producing this book via ‘copy and paste’ from sites such as – the author of this article also mentions that Mr. Hacker media celebrity is all based on Indian newspapers’ being technology illiterate. Moreover, as far as reviews go, Indian audiences have been very complimentary. Abroad, there has been more criticism. The fact that a 14-year-old wrote a book on hacking didn’t really go down very well with them. There have been allegations that a particular tutorial had been lifted from a Web site.


I did hack the Chip magazine site (now known as Digit). I defaced it and then sent the editor an email saying what was wrong with the site and what measures they could take to rectify it. In fact, the editor even offered me a job as a system administrator then. But once he found out how young I was he retracted his offer!

Another claim for which there is no available proof.


Now lets talk about his courses and books:

At 15, his book on Ethical Hacking made him the youngest author to be published by Macmillan India. he claims that his books are being “used as text books in computer security courses across South-East Asia”
LOL! what a joke. If you will ever read his books you will find that he has copied each and every single page from other best selling hacking books .and the harshest part of all he don’t even gives credits to the authors and other hackers , he simply steals their work.

His course AFCEH powered by reliance claims to make you an security expert in just “3 bloody months” . WOW what an opportunity for a newbie to become a hacker .
but the thing is the certificate given by him are not valid !

The thing is no one can be a hacker or a good security expert in just 3 months. It takes a lot of time or I say it takes many years to become a HACKER.

In one of his seminars he said that Linux is CRAP and advised them to use windows for hacking purpose rather then Linux.

I haven’t seen any hacker saying Linux a crap and advising to use windows, and neither will a hacker say these words because he knows Linux the the mother of all hackers. there is no hacking without Linux possible in today’s world except social engineering .


Is Hacking means exploring Windows and exploiting its registry?

Playing with then DOS and todays Windows is not called as hacking. India’s so-called, self-claimed #1 Hacker tells you to play with age-old, outdated, tips and tricks of so-called hacking.  In his speech, he claims that he hacked some of the most secured websites in India and abroad. It is true? LOL!!!. He simply cheats the innocent people especially young generation who think hacking is miracle and some sort of “Black-Magic”. If you go through his published books, you will find the hacking techniques explained as windows registry hacks. He talks about sending Trojan-horse (don’t be confused) through e-mail and acquiring access to user system. My question to this child-brain young self-claimed hacker is: Send a Trojan-horse to *nix based systems like Linux, *BSD, Solaris etc get the work done as you desired. It simply fails to run such childish methods to hack (or crack?).

The comment, on this (AF’s) book, published on by Steven G. Bottoms as follows:

I was amazed when I finished scanning this book today. Quite frankly, I can’t imagine why it was ever published! Aside from the fact that it was published this year (2002), and aside from the fact that the author appears to have used a Windows 95 machine to do his tinkering (I won’t even give the author the respect of using the word “hacking”), this book is riddled with misinformation, inconsistencies, and uncommented source code (which incidentally only compiles, according to the author, on a version of *nix that very few people use). Any hobbyist with more than one year of experience knows AT LEAST what’s covered in this book, and they probably don’t even realize it! This book doesn’t cover ANY of the new operating systems, doesn’t take into account ANY basic security precautions that have been in use for a couple years now, and does the reader a disservice by trying to explain (poorly) what “hacker” and “cracker” means (clearly the author was trying to impress his friends with his knowledge of jargon). There are MANY more useful tomes on the market; don’t waste your money on this book! The single most useful piece of information this book contains is a single page where the URLs to SART and (I believe) CERT can be found!

Reference Link from Amazon:


Is it ethical or unethical?

The term ethical is falsely integrated with or attached to hacking. By definition, hacking is not unethical.

Definition: Playful solving of technical work that requires deep understanding, especially of a computer system.

Hacker: “A person who delights in having an intimate understanding of the internal workings of a system, computers and computer networks in particular.”



Then who is responsible for such fraud person?

Answer is quite simple: Indian newspapers’ being technology illiterate…


You can read about this false claims at wikipedia.

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