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Improve Your Brain Efficiency… A Simple Yet Powerful Method

  1. Swap Mouse Buttons,
    (There is a setting of swapping mouse button in OS)
  2. Use Left Hand if You are Right-hand User,
  3. Use Right Hand if You are Left-hand Users,
  4. Do It At-Least Once in A Week At Start,
  5. Increase Frequency to Once in A Day,
  6. Once You Are Comfortable… Have A Habit of This,
    The Result…?Believe Me, Its Amazing!!!

    Computer Mouse


I came across this fact very accidentally. My mouse was not functioning properly as my son used to play games on my PC and a habit of clicking left-button frequently. Results… left button got sticky and Mal-functioning. I bought new mouse, as I am lazy, I am still using old mouse. No time to replace old mouse with new one. (As usual). Later I swapped mouse buttons, as right button was functioning well. But used the mouse with right hand and got some discomfort with right hand due to left-button I set it to right and vice-versa. My son suggested me “Pappa why don’t you use mouse with left hand”. I tried. And believe me, the results are amazing…

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