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Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Secrets finally revealed

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is a technique in which website expects higher rank in search engine (SE) like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Everyone who runs website expects that his/her site would get higher position and get his/her site name in first page. This article will reveal the techniques and secrets of getting higher rank in search engine by SEO technology.

Here are some guidelines to achieve higher rank in SE as no one has time to browse page-by-page in search results. User can go up to 10-20 pages maximum to find his/her content. And you would like to see your page within first 100 results rather in top 5 positions.

Before studying SEO, look at some tools required for optimization

  • A text browser: If you are using Linux, Lynx is available to see text content of your site. Download Lynx by searching it by your favorite search site.
  • Tools to edit sitemap.xml, a standard file require to tell SE your additional links from your website
  • W3C HTML and CSS validator, generally it is available as online facility.


A. Guidelines for Design and Content:

  1. Decide the hierarchy and add text links to each hierarchy.
  2. There should be at-least one Permalink (Static Permanent link) for every page.
  3. Create site map of the site which offers shortcuts for important pages of your site.
  4. Keep reasonable links for each page.
  5. Create information rich website rather than images and bogus content.
  6. Decide keywords that are intended to get traffic and put the content related to keyword rather to put simply keywords.
  7. Don’t put irrelevant keywords on the page.
  8. Don’t use same color for text as background to hide simply keywords and attract search bot or traffic. This technique is called as Black-Hat Technique. Never use this technique.
  9. Try to use text-content instead of images. Wherever this is not possible, use ALT key in image tag and provide its alternate-content for image. For example, you want to write about apple and want to put image of apple, do that but set alt key and assign its value as “apple” e.g. <img src=”image-location” alt=”apple” width=”…” height=”…” />
  10. Be careful while setting yout <title> tag in the page. Set its value meaningful to content of that page.
  11. Find broken links and remove them.
  12. Use SEO friendly link instead of traditional dynamic content link. Example. Use instead of year=2011&month=8&day=27&content=seo

B. Technical Guidelines:

  1. See you site using Lynx. You see your website what exactly SE spiders / bots see. Bots find difficulty to extract content from Dynamic HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, Flash, Images. Try to minimize the use of such content.
  2. Some sites require authentication with ID, allow SE bots/spiders without such authentication. This helps in cacheing your pages that require user ID but focus on facilities offered by such pages.
  3. Create robots.txt to allow SE spiders to tell what to do with your pages.
  4. Make sure that advertises on the pages should not affect your content, as Google use robot.txt file to block such Ads.
  5. Make the use Metatags in the header of the page, allow If-Modified-Since HTTP header.
  6. Test your in different browsers like IE, Firefox, Opera, Crome, Safari, Amaya etc.
  7. Keep the ratio of TEXT to TAGS should be greater than 20%
  8. Avoid use of FRAMES in the page.
  9. Try different title for different pages.
  10. Make sure that site with and without www points same site.

C. Quality Guidelines

  1. Do not feed different information for users and spiders, which is commonly referred to as “cloaking.”. Your site will probably be blacklisted.
  2. Avoid any illegal / Black-hat technique to get higher rank in SE. This may lead to blacklisting of your site.
  3. Never join link-exchange program started by whosoever. SE never promote such program.
  4. Don’t use URL or Link submission program what-so-ever the program is. Submit your sitemap directly to SE site.
  5. Do not create duplicate pages with sub-domains.

Apply these techniques, and see the results. Its amazing.

For detailed information about SEO and advanced SEO technique please contact me.




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