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Patent-Free Innovation: Need to Grow Togetherness

The Parent-Free philosophy is closely related to Open Source, the movement started in 1984 by Richard Stallman to promote free software culture. The term “open” refers to overt, publicly available sources which is opposed to closed-source or proprietary term. This movement gave birth to copyleft concept, no copyrights. The movement, which is for non-profit towards humanity, need to be propagated by the patent-holders itself by donating or freeing the patent, is a part of this movement. Due patent war, like smart-phone patent war, the market leads to unhealthy serious deterrent to future innovators. The term Patent-Free means innovation for human being and humanity towards others. To bridge a gap between weaker section of society and rich people, the movement has to play vital role. Since the Open Source initiative started many companies joined this movement including Google, AMD, Samsung, LG etc. Innovation keeping in view of betterment of life of human being and not a particular class of the society. Many researchers do innovation and trying to register a patent which may be beneficial to individuals but not for society. Now-a-days resources are open and free, let the innovations are to be patent-free. The question is : who will pay for innovation? Answer is simple: community. How? Ask this question to yourself, you will find the answer by yourself. After all you are too competent for innovation must be competent to find the answer of the question: How?

The parent-free movement has proved the strong bond among the community and helped to grow everyone in the society. There is no end for patent-war and nothing to achieve from this. We learned this from world-war. No need to world-war III. Example of this is there are more than 40 law-suits in US courts in case of Smart-phones and there is no sign of letup. Several patent-experts came to conclusion that these war companies are trying to make a space for their Smart-phone in the open-market and nothing related to infringement of patent. Patent was only the instrument they used to make the space in the market. Let there should be healthy competition and let people decide product they want.



USA, France, Germany and Spain are the Leaders in Open Source

Many giant companies are now adopting the patent-free culture. Google has developed open-source architecture for smart-phones – Android. This movement has given re-birth for many mobile companies and number of new companies have entered into Smart-phone manufacture. This is also applicable to other industries like Agriculture, Automobile, Medicine etc. Its not surprising that most of the patents are registered in medicine but unfortunately only few percent of the community get benefited due to patents. Imagine if these patents get freed or make open and new innovations are patent-free, then whole community will get benefit of this.

Let us take a pledge that every innovation would be a patent-free and copyleft. Let it open for community to achieve its true intention.


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