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Bring your old computers back to life – Just Joli OS

Joli OS is a free and easy way to turn any computer up to 10 years old into a cool new cloud device. Get on the Web and instantly connect to all your Web apps, files and services using the computer you already own. You may never need to buy a new computer again.

Joli OS is based on Debian / Ubuntu Distribution (LINUX)  and not very hardware resource hungry. You can choose Windows or Joli OS at start up.

Joli OS

Joli OS











Advantages of Joli OS:

  1. Bring your old computers back to life
  2. Create the perfect Internet computer
  3. Perfect for you small Netbook computers
  4. Totally virus-free environment, as Linux is virus-proof OS
  5. Save your money on OS, Anti-Virus
  6. Save your documents on JoliCloud
  7. Everything needed is included in OS, like Office Suit, Internet (Chrome / Firefox / Safari: All HTML 5 support), Social Networking / Youtube, etc.
  8. C / C++ / Python / Java support
  9. Games and Support for iPad (Experimental)
  10. Coming soon support for Android.

It’s easy. Just download Joli OS. It installs in just 10 minutes.












Wanna try this OS, just download ISO image and burn it on CD or USB pendrive and start using it without installing it. Also supported as Guest OS in Virtual Machines.


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